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The promotion of reading

The benefits of “good” literate people are a greater understanding of the environment, processes, ideas, and changes, a better idea of the world, a better and faster judgment, awareness of the importance of the quality and healthy way of life.

We encourage the joy of reading, understanding, and reflection on reading with a multitude of actions in the Kranj City Library. There are a number of reading groups for the adults – the elderly, blind and visually-impaired, the deaf and hearing-impaired, and those with reading disorders.
In addition to reading groups, there are a number of activities for the promotion of reading – the family reading project, intended for socializing and enjoying reading quality books in the family circle, storytelling hours and book riddles, reading recommendations for the adults and children.

Literary campaigns

Literary campaigns are intended to stimulate the reading of pieces of writing of the Slovenian authors. Readers who read 4 books and shared with us their feelings about the matter they read were rewarded with practical prizes.

Reading and Talking our Way to Wisdom

(Modro brati in kramljati reading clubs)

The reading clubs are intended for adults, the elderly, blind or partially-sighted persons, persons who have problems reading, and everyone interested in reading and discussing books. The clubs encourage the development of a culture of reading, interest in new book releases, conservation of cultural heritage and the folk tradition, critical thinking about books, and intergenerational solidarity. Nowadays, the library hosts 22 reading groups run by library staff and 24 trained volunteers. By organising the reading clubs, MKK wanted to draw attention to the importance of reading literacy throughout a person’s life, i.e. reading is good for us, it gives us pleasure, and taking part in a reading group is an irreplaceable way of socialising.

The International Literacy Association (ILA) honoured Kranj City Libray with an award for Innovative Reading Promotion in Europe 2015. 

The Family Reading

The Family Reading project is mainly focused on families with children from the age of two to eight. The project promotes quality leisure time, the opportunity for conversation, playing, learning, and entertainment within the family circle. One of the most important goals of the project is to raise children into readers because that will bring them benefits for a lifetime.

Librarians from Kranj City Library have prepared lists of quality literature for three age levels and a special list with recommendations for parents.
To participate in the Family Reading Project families fill in a form with the data of the participating family members and then receive a family reading booklet. The family borrows books from the list for the appropriate age level in the nearest library. After they read the selected book they talk about the content and answer the questions. At the end they evaluate books and fill in the attached coupons. At the next visit to the library they receive a small prize.

The project starts in the Fall and ends at the beginning of the Summer when we organize final event with which we celebrate all the good stories we read through the year.

In the future literacy will play a very important role in the development of local community, region and finally even country as a whole.

Quiz Modri pes

A Literary Quiz Modri pes is intended for the primary school children (6 to 15 years). It covers all the literary categories and educational materials. A quizzer learns about quality library materials in a funny way, visits, and explores the library, hangs out with literary heroes, acquires some new knowledge, and develops imagination. In a season, which is thematically connected, four quizzes with 12 questions are published. They can be taken throughout the year in the library or on the portal Modri pes. All the participants in quizzes are rewarded for reading books and correctly taking quizzes.

Library at the pool and library at the castle garden

A part of the Kranj City Library is moved to the town’s swimming pool complex and to the garden of the Khislstein Castle in the old part of Kranj during the summer months. Visitors can leaf through a good book or a magazine while resting in the natural shade and enjoying some refreshing drinks.