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E-services for the elderly at the Kranj City Library

The Kranj City Library is particularly dedicated to providing services for the elderly, including e-services https://www.mkk.si/za-starejse/ .

The My Library service https://plus.si.cobiss.net/opac7/user/login?redirect=/bib/search?db=sikkr  allows registered users to review the borrowed and reserved material, extend the loan period, make reservations of the material.

The Home Loan service, https://www.mkk.si/spoznajte-knjiznico/izposoja/izposoja-gradiva/   provides a free visit of the librarian at the home of library members who are unable to visit the library due to prolonged illness, disability or disability.

Non-members who are not able to access the physical library are offered an online subscription at https://www.mkk.si/spletni-vpis/ .

Subscribtion to electronic  notifications https://info.mkk.si : Users can subscribe to electronic notifications of services, events, news. They can choose the type of information they wish to receive.

Remote access to e-resources: https://www.mkk.si/category/e-viri/zbirke-z-oddaljenim-dostopom/ , including newspapers https://www.mkk.si/category/e-viri/e-casopisje/ and e-books Biblos https://www.mkk.si/e-viri/biblos/.


Library web site offers easy access to portals, created jointly by Slovenian public libraries: Kamra https://www.europeana.eu/portal/en  with stories from Slovenian regions; online biographical lexicon Gorenjci.si http://www.gorenjci.si  with presentations of important personalities of Gorenjska; dobreknjige.si https://www.dobreknjige.si  with recommendations for fun and quality reading.