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Family literacy works! (2016–2019)

1.10. 2016–31. 3. 2019

Family Literacy Works! is a transnational project of five EU countries; Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia and Slovenia. Partner organizations in the project determine the state of development of family literacy in these countries. In the project, we are proposing to define what competences family literacy facilitators need and design a training programme to develop those competences.

Purpose and goals

Literacy is considered a factor in the economic competitiveness of a country. People with better literacy are more aware of the world and of themselves, better at understanding new ideas and change, better at judging the value of things; they have better health, higher income, and better participation in civic life than people with lower literacy skills.

Comparative Research Analysis on Family Literacy Practices – PDF

Newsletter, June 2017 – PDF