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Our library

25 % residents of Kranj and neighbouring municipalities are members of the Kranj City Library. About 60 % of residents use the library, although they are not members. They can read newspapers, use computers, attend exhibitions and events for children and adults, or spend leisure time in a youth room.

In 2011 the library moved to the new premises, a previous shopping mall and the building became a cultural symbol of Kranj.

Beside the rich collection of library material, the library offers a number of services for target groups of users, recently it has focused on digital and reading literacy.
Each year free digital literacy courses for users are organised, which are attended by more than 6.000 people annually.

A special attention is payed to increase the joy of reading, understanding and reflection on reading by performing activities such as family reading project, storytelling hours, bookcases, reading recommendations for children and adults.
There are more than 20 reading groups of different types of readers in Kranj and neighbouring municipalities. The library received the award for innovative promotion of reading by the International Literacy Association in 2015. It wouldn’t be possible to carry all these activities by the library staff, so a number of volunteers are trained to facilitate reading groups.

Beside the main library, part of the Kranj City Library is also the network of six branch libraries: Stražišče, Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Naklo, Preddvor, Jezersko and Šenčur. They all operate in renewed premises and are supported by the local governments.